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EGO fever!

Sun Jun 11, 2006, 7:08 AM
What up my Peeps!!

    Well, as of late I have been commenting alot more and really getting into the DA community thing,

BUT...Theres alot of folks out there that cant seem to take a critique well!? I allways choose my words carefully and really examine the artists gallery before making such critiques cause..well sometimes you have an off day or a certain piece just does'nt go the way you wanted!! or you just plain miss something!

and I allways try to communicate clearly of the aspect that seems to need improvement, then I ALLWAYS comment on the artists strong points which are many as to the one that may need improvement, and I allways try to keep communication open to come up with solutions IF the artist wishs!?! ...oh and I only give critiques to those with the "critiques welcome" on ( a much overlooked feature perhaps!)

Anyhow I have been recieving a growing number of rude and disrespectful replies to such critiques!?!? most rebuttals are as such "your gallery sucks! why should I listen to you!?" to this I never take can anyone really art IS subjective to the audiance one persons "awesome" is anothers "crappy gallery"! BUT in the world of proffessional art you will have an audiance of thousands to millions of non-art people to make happy ( not mentioning editors that cant draw stick figures) giving you critiques and if You want success you HAVE to listen and take to heart those critiques!!!

I think a critique from a non-artist is THE best critique you can get!!! the reason being is that they are tapped into what the other million non-art types that buy,watch and totally devour art related items LIKE!!! they have an eye for what the art is as a whole rather than an artists eye for what techniques should and should'nt be used.

I personaly LOVE getting critiques!!! it helps me grow in skill much faster by pinpointing weakness's fact look through my gallery almost every other piece I recieved a valuble critique that I instantly took to heart ( other thant the Iron-arena one...I could'nt figure how to get it darker without losing the character!?) and I have learned from those mistakes!!!

Now then, What do you guys think!?!? do you like or dislike critiques!?!? have you been noticing rude or disrespectful backash to your critiques!?!? .....let me know guys and ladys!?

                                                                                                -BEN OUT!

great artists and greater friends-

Rising Star

Fri Jun 9, 2006, 12:10 AM
What up my Peeps!!

WOW!!! I have had the pleasure of stumbling across an artist here on DA that is absolutley PHENOMENAL!!!! ...but she has very few watchers!???

Please go check her out :iconthysel: ...she has such a unique style that bridges comics, video games and pop art!

-other fantastic artists and fantastic people to boot!


Artist Pimpin'

Fri May 26, 2006, 1:37 AM
What up my Peeps!!

Allrighty Folks, I know a couple of guys here on DA that are great artists, one allready great but in a very unique style and the other a sponge who is getting better and better with every drawing!!!

and not only are these guys great artists but they go out of their way help others, and they show such an overwhelming enthusiasm for art that you cant help but be motivated!!!

so I just wanted to take a minute and salute these guys for the inspiration they are!

:iconshanecorn: -great toons and a much wider range as of late!

:iconthinkbomb: -a gamer through and through! go check 'em out !!!!                                        -BEN OUT!

HI HO HI I go!

Fri May 19, 2006, 6:20 PM
What up people!?

   Well Good news for some and Bad news for others, I will in the coming months NOT be submitting art here on DA! My current workload is absolutley HUGE at the moment and unfortunatly I will not have permission to post my current works for sometime.
gonna try my hardest to stay active but not sure how it'll work!?

so ....thats all.  laters people!

  • Watching: DeathRace 2000 baby!

I'm back BEYOTCHS!!!

Thu May 4, 2006, 9:11 PM
Well my ever faithful Peeps...I am back after a well deserved Suspension and I am prouder than hell I got it and would do it again in a heartbeat!!!

Now then I know for a fact ALOT of you out there ( especially the popular and skillfull artists)
have had the unpleasentness of having one of those nit-picking Admin-wannabe's (you know who you are -nootch*) bug the shit outta ya and spouting policy rhethoric left and right , antagonizing you (within policy of course)
until you slip and bite the fuckers head of in a post ....uh oh....then you get suspended or banned, but after thinking about it and taking a larger view of the whole thing,
I've come to the realization that these people are even more PATHETIC than I previously thought!?!?...In a broader view (and talking with other victims) I have realized these people are pathetic artists and have to find a means to belittle those that make them feel inferior,
naturally they latch onto the one thing they THINK can make them superior (ADMIN-WANNABE-WHORES)
then they use that to exact control over us!?!? To be completly honest most whom they attack are successful Artists in their own right and only use DA for positive social interaction A.K.A a Hobbie!!!
I could be banned and not give a rats ass cause this is for fun!!! ..."positive" and "fun" are not in these peoples vocabulary and I lump them into the catagory of useless lifeforms along with art-thieves! I GUARANTEE you I will get comments from said individuals , and I will say now that I will no longer respond to such people,
this here internet is much like real-life "if you cant say something nice SAY nothing at all"   
...oh and I gotta take my hat off and salute animatrixie for taking her lumps and coming out the better person! salute!!!         

I just logged on to check whats happenin wit my Peeps and BAM!! I am now a Subscriber!?!?...wha!!...

    So, after some clever deductive footwork A.K.A (checking my email) I see that the ever gratious :icongh-mongo: has struck me with his big ole Subscription/warhammer hurt but I'm cool with that , Thanks a ton dude I'll do ya proud my friend!!!!   

Okay so as some of you may know, I run a Star Wars RPG ( thanks for the pics :iconthinkbomb: and :iconninja-raven: there great!)
anyway I was thinking of certain plot points and story details that came up in the

movies but have never really been explored ( never read the books so maybe they

have!?) And as I am the gamemaster I decided to flesh these points out and give

some origins to things that have thus far been complete mysteries, first up was

Yoda!...nowhere is there a history for Yoda!?!? he was 800 to 900 years old!? this

guys been around so I wondered what he looked like and may have acted like in his

youth!  now I have never hosted? or ran an art jam before ....nor do I have prizes,

but I thought it'd be cool to get alot of artists take on  what young Yoda would look

like or act like!?!?  also I had a concept for THE very first force user! ...a droid with a

messed up chip that gives it sentiance and force abilities!!!!  ...just thought It'd be

fun an original and if anyone is gonna give it a try let me know!!!    -BEN OUT!
So this "tagging" thing is going around and I (the brain-dead doof I am) had no clue what exactly it was ...turns out :iconravenpc: tagged me awhile back!?!? anyhoo I got tagged by :iconamarynceus: ...I'll get even with you later PAL!!!
OKay so its the "6 Things" tag  -list 6 wierd things about yourself then tag six more unlucky bastards!

1) I like warm soda, my older brothers would steal the cold stuff so I learned to deal!

2) I made my uncle cry at his house....I was 13...he was 42 and ex-military!?

3) I nearly killed a neighbor boy when I was 9 , I put an old school desk in a pile of leaves and dared him to ride through it at top speed on his was not pretty!

4) I watch zombie movies with my 6 year old daughter morgan, and we laugh when a zombie gets popped in the melon Hahahaha....*sigh.....good times!

5) On our first date my wife recieved a serious head wound ( I was unaware of ) and we continued on for awhile till she nearly passed out at a coffee house!    ....I will never let her live that one down!!!

6) As a kid I absolutley loathed the movie "Rocky" its one of my favorites!?!?           

...there damn it!!! now then MUHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA...I tag...